MyPrepaidCenter Activation

MyPrepaidCenter Activation

MyPrepaidCenter are owned and distributed by Blackhawk Network Holding Inc. It is the major traded company providing prepaid, gift card services and also support other technological developments. It distributes cards to several private banks and insurance agencies and directly to the customers as well. The users can access MyPrepaidCenter portal to activate MyPrepaidCenter card, register for a card or login to check the balance.

MyPrepaidCenter cards are the best and most preferable alternatives to paper-money and checks. If you are using these cards, the money in your account is easily accessible to a certain limit. cards are the one-stop platform for the US citizens and immigrants to reward their employees, help residents and organize events.

Any user using this card must activate it. Before we proceed with MyPrepaidCenter card activation, let us first learn how to register for a card.

How to Register for My Prepaid Center Card at

Registering MyPrepaidCenter card at its official website is just like a cakewalk. Follow the below mentioned guide to register for My Prepaid Center card.

  • Visit MyPrepaidCenter website and click on the ‘Register’ button. You must have an active bank account to register for a card.
  • You should now submit the details like bank account number, social security number on the registration page. Click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Submit your credit or debit card details such as MyPrepaidCenter Card number along with the PIN code. Finally submit MyPrepaidCenter security code displayed on screen.
  • Once the account is ready, the user can sign in to MyPrepaidCenter account using the right set of credentials (username and password).
  • Users can now easily check the history of credit card transaction on the account, check card balance or limit, or recharge the amount in card when required.